Fab CBD Review: Everything You Need to Know About this Premium Brand

FAB-CBD reviews


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The CBD industry is one of the fastest-growing and highly competitive. For new brands, standing out from the already crowded market isn’t easy. There are many companies popping up daily and due to lack of proper regulations, this industry has become highly vulnerable. However, you can still find the best CBD oil products from certain brands. Fab CBD is one of the most popular brands in this sector. In this article, we offer a comprehensive Fab CBD review, highlighting all the essential things you need to know.

About Fab CBD

Fab CBD is one of the cannabidiol product brands that was founded in 2017. Although it might appear to be new in the market, it’s one of the best brands at the moment. It formulates high-quality CBD products with intent and purpose.

Its mission is simple and straightforward: to create the best CBD products on the market. The brand wants to pioneer a new generation of people who are keen on living a preventative wellness lifestyle. This, it plans to achieve through science, new technologies, and premium organic formulas.

What Makes The Brand So Unique?

Fab CBD’s high profile in this competitive niche isn’t based on fake hype. This is a reputable brand that considers quality over quantity. There are several unique aspects that Fab CBD has implemented for its target audience and they include:

They Don’t Mess Around With Quality

Compared to other brands, Fab CBD stands out due to the high-quality of its CBD products. From the cultivation of the hemp plants to the storage of the end product, quality is thoroughly maintained through various processes.

The brand pays full attention to details. They have implemented strict regulations and standards to ensure that the quality of every product batch is maintained.

Their Flavors Are Top-notch

Flavor is one of the things that attracts and retains customers. Fab CBD’s products have a unique amazing taste that you can’t find anywhere else. Products such as CBD oil, CBD chews, and dog treats come in multiple natural flavors to cater to different taste buds. The best thing is that regardless of the selection you make, the flavor is absolutely top-notch!

They’re great for beginners

For newbies, using a CBD product can be intimidating. But if you are going to use Fab CBD products, then you don’t have to worry about anything. The brand has beginner-friendly products. For instance, the effective tincture is available in low potencies that produce gently effects.

Alternatively, you can use products such as topicals that don’t reach the bloodstream. Fab CBD allows beginners to gradually adopt the use of cannabidiol, thanks to their wide range of products that can be customized to meet different user needs.

The full-spectrum CBD Oil is known for the ‘Entourage Effect’

Fab CBD oil drops contain full-spectrum CBD. Research studies indicate that the elements in such a product have an extremely high level of healing properties. This is because of the fatty acids, rich essential vitamins, fiber, and protein.

Full-spectrum CBD produces an “entourage effect”. This is a theorized mechanism that indicates CBD, THC, and other organic compounds can work better together to enhance the therapeutic effects of CBD oil. It’s effective in helping treat various medical conditions. This includes the likes of migraines, muscle pain, headaches, depression, anxiety, and arthritis among others.

Affordably priced

Fab CBD products have premium quality. They are free of contaminants, pure, and safe. Even with their quality, the products are affordably priced. For instance, the oil costs between $39 and $129, topical CBD cream costs $49, the dog treats cost $34, while the green superfoods cost $79.

Note: there are various products with different price ranges. This helps to ensure that customers with different budgets can find something for themselves. CBD oil’s price range features quite affordable products with lower potency. Products with a higher level of potency cost more.

When you buy from Fab CBD, you are giving back

When you buy from this brand, you are helping thousands of other people. Fab CBD is deeply rooted in giving back to the community. They donate to children, those who are differently-abled, and families in need. The brand takes commissions from its sales to support different causes, enriching the lives of those who are in need.

Take A Look at Fab CBD Product Lineup

Fabcbd.com is a top website in the medical cannabis sector. It’s popular for manufacturing high-quality organic hemp products. Its versatile CBD product lineup features a list of several products including topicals, tinctures, and gummies, etc. Below is an overview of this CBD brand’s product catalog.



Fab CBD oil drops are effective in managing a broad range of health problems. This product is available in the form of Fab CBD tinctures that’re ideal for sublingual intake. Besides that, you can add the CBD oil to other products like food to enhance the mode of delivery.

The fan-favorite product is available in 5 main flavors. This includes natural, citrus, vanilla, mint, and berry. Because they make their CBD oil from premium organic sources, it normally provides the body with optimal results and minimal side effects.

Key features

  • Organic CBD oil drops that enhance wellness and vitality
  • Premium tinctures that are available in five different flavors
  • It supports a sense of focus and calmness


Fab CBD tinctures are made with organically grown hemp extract. They consist of a full-spectrum cannabinoid blend and flavoring from natural sources. The product may contain trace THC content, MCT oil, and terpenes.

Suggested use

Each drop of Fab CBD oil contains 1 ml of CBD oil tincture. You may use a few droplets and always remember to start small before you gradually increase the dosage.


Unlike other Fab CBD products, the tinctures are highly versatile. You can find them in multiple potency options including 300 mg, 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 2400 mg.

CBD Gummies


Fab CBD chews provide CBD users with a tasty way of consuming cannabidiol. The sweet treats are vegan-friendly and made with non-GMO extracts. They are gluten-free and have a delicious fruit flavor. It’s an ideal product for your go-to needs, especially if you want to consume CBD while you’re on the go.

Key features

  • Tasty and THC-free chews
  • They have a sweet delicious fruit flavor
  • There are 30 servings per bottle
  • Gluten-free, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly


Fab CBD chews are made with organic ingredients. They include hemp extract CBD isolate, natural flavors, natural colors, organic cane sugar, ascorbic acid, and pectin.

Suggested use

These gummies provide convenience and guarantee users discreetness. They are perfect for your go-to needs. The tasty edible chews can be used once or twice per day.


Each bottle has a 750 mg CBD concentration. The 4 oz. jar usually contains 30 CBD edible gummies. Therefore, each isolate chew normally contains 25 mg CBD.

Topical CBD Cream

Fab CBD Topical Cream

This is a full-spectrum hemp product that’s effective in treating pain. Fab CBD topical cream can efficiently help to ease sore muscle pain and joint aches. It’s a phytocannabinoid-rich product that is suitable for external use. You only need to apply it to a strategic skin area in order to get the effects.

Key features

  • Fab CBD topical has a fresh flavor with a subtle orange scent.
  • It contains full-spectrum extract to effectively treat localized pain
  • Reduces physical stress and promotes healthy recovery after training
  • It comes with a 12-month shelf life


The cannabidiol product is made with organically grown hemp extract. Besides that, it contains blood orange essential oil, cinnamon, and citric acid. The manufacturer also uses coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera, and chamomile to enhance its organic effectiveness.

Suggested use

Consistency is the best tool for getting maximum benefits of this Fab CBD topical cream. Apply a finger-drop size on the desired area and massage the CBD in. you can apply it once or twice per day, depending on the effects you want to attain.


This full-spectrum topical CBD cream comes in a 2 oz. jar and it contains 600 mg of CBD oil. This amount makes it 3x stronger compared to the average CBD cream for pain relief.

CBD Dog Treats


Looking at the Fab CBD shopping page, there are definitely so many products. Some are for human beings while some are for pets such as dogs. The brand has crunchy treats that make snack time enjoyable for your furry friend. Once you buy CBD dog treats from this brand, you will never need to go anywhere. They considerably improve the general health of your pet.

Key features

  • Sweet and tasty crunchy CBD treats
  • They are hemp-based treats that are THC-free
  • Promotes overall wellness
  • Three formulas and flavor options to choose from: active immune (chicken), skin and coat (salmon), and calm and cool (peanut butter apple).


Fab CBD dog treats are made without dairy, corn, wheat, or soy. They are available in three flavors and they all contain the same base ingredients. This includes coconut oil, flaxseed, organically grown hemp extract, oats, and tapioca syrup.

Suggested use

Give your pet the treats depending on its size. For instance, dogs weighing between:

  • 10-25 lbs. need one full treat
  • 25-50 lbs. need 1.5 treats
  • Over 50 lbs. need 2 treats.


One full treat contains 3 mg CBD. This means that dogs that take 2 treats usually consume 6 mg of CBD per serving.

Green Superfoods

Green Superfoods

Fab CBD Green Superfoods contains a refreshing blend of more than 80 key micro-nutrients. The plant-based dietary supplement helps to remove harmful toxins from the body. Besides that, it enhances the natural production of energy and supports overall wellness.

Key features

  • Gluten-free and vegan-friendly
  • The superfood doesn’t contain hemp extract or CBD
  • A broad range of micronutrients
  • It enhances the absorption of CBD more efficiently and effectively
  • It’s available in two flavors: cocoa crisp and citrus mojito


They make their green superfood product with natural ingredients. This includes organic reds and fruit blend featuring raspberry, beet, flaxseed, mango, carrot, pineapple, banana, and tomato among others. There are also organic greens and superfood blend featuring, pumpkin, barley grass, sweet potato, cabbage, and kale, etc.

Suggested use

Fab CBD green superfood comes in 30 servings. Each serving should be used once or twice a day, depending on your needs.


This is a non-CBD product that contains zero hemp extract

Do They have any other product?

Fab CBD products come in six sub-categories. They include gummies or chews, dog treats, vegan superfoods, topicals, CBD oil, and now CBD vape pens

Fab CBD vapes are already best sellers and get quickly sold out. The brand’s CBD vape pen is ready for use and fully disposable. Each pen contains 125 servings and they contain a unique blend of premium terpenes. This usually gives users an out of the world experience coupled with almost instant effects.

Fab CBD vape pens give users the true taste of hemp CBD oil. The formula features a blend of MCT oil to enhance its bioavailability. Note that there is a zero PG or VG formula, thereby guaranteeing users a high level of safety and effectiveness.

Learn More About Fab CBD

Do you have questions and you are wondering who to ask? Well, here are some FAQs regarding Fab CBD and their answers.

Are All of  Their Products Lab Tested?

All products undergo independent 3rd-party lab tests. This is normally done by ProVerde Laboratories. It offers comprehensive analytical and consulting services. This lab used the latest methodologies and technology. Reports from ProVerde Laboratories indicate that the current Fab CBD oil products:

  • Have zero pesticides
  • 100% organically grown in Colorado
  • Zero THC content in CBD chews

What Extraction Method Do They Use?

Fab CBD uses the CO2 extraction method. The supercritical and solvent-free technique ensures that the end product is safe and pure for human use. It delivers the highest quality of CBD and in a highly efficient manner.

Will I fail Drug Test after Using Fab CBD Products?

One reason why some people are reluctant to use CBD products is the fear of failing a drug test. So, will using Fab CBD products increase your chances of failing a drug test?  The truth is that this is impossible and it is something that has never happened.

The full-spectrum tinctures and topicals contain less 0.3% THC. This is a trace amount that is insignificant and can’t cause psychoactive effects. Note that THC is the psychoactive organic chemical compound found in the cannabis plant that causes the feeling of euphoria.

If you are going to Fab CBD gummies, they are made with CBD isolate. This means that they don’t have any THC content or cannabinoids. So, it’s still impossible to fail a drug test. However, you need to understand that you might still get a false positive. This is because of the way CBD metabolizes.

Buy Fab CBD Products

The best place to buy Fab CBD products is directly from the manufacturer. Place your order at fabcbd.com and they will the items directly to your address. Avoid using other CBD brands since you can’t be sure if they are legitimate or not. This helps to avoid falling victim to fraud.

Returns & Shipping

Shipping costs are not refundable. But if there was a mistake in the delivery by the company, then Fab CBD will conveniently return the shipping fees. For a full refund, you need to return your purchases within 30 days. Note that sample pack items can’t be returned for a refund.

Generally, compensation from returns may take up to four weeks, therefore, it’s important to be patient although the brand usually tries to make it quicker. If you want to return items, then you should contact support@fabcbd.com. Alternatively, you can chat live or call the brand’s direct line.

What’s The Reward Program?

Most reputable brands such as fabcbd.com usually give back to their most loyal and active customers. Fab CBD treats all clients like one big family and they consider it their responsibility to take care of their own.

So, they have a rewards program where members get red carpet treatment. If you buy Fab CBD products, you will earn reward points. In addition to that, you get a chance to access exclusive products first and get gifts.

What Are The Benefits of Creating a Fab CBD Account?

Having a Fab CBD account means that your personal details are secure. You can view your address and other personal details and update them if you need. In addition to that, you can conveniently view your previous and current orders. Note that your account will give you direct access to Fab CBD Reward program.

Fab CBD Customer Reviews

Fab CBD, as a brand, has amazing hemp products. They are organic, made of high-quality ingredients, and efficiently deliver all the benefits of CBD. Although there are different brands of CBD, this one is a game-changer.

However, this does not eliminate the fact that Fab CBD shop needs improvement. The products are a little pricey, compared to other brands at the same level. To clarify, these products also go quickly out of stock. So, the brand should focus on increasing the number of its product lineup.

Final Thought

Fab CBD is a premium brand with a wide range of cannabidiol products. As one of the latest brands in the highly competitive CBD industry, it has quickly found a niche for itself. It has a loyal customer base thanks to the quality products it offers. Generally, it’s a friendly and service-oriented brand that not only seeks to improve the wellness of its clients but also the community.

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