Does CBD Oil Get You High?

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Does CBD get you high? While it is evident that CBD has brought many benefits, it becomes necessary to examine if taking CBD Can get you high. CBD often referred to as Cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring compound in Cannabis and hemp.

They are abundant in hemp and have many health benefits scientists are now researching. Before focusing on the implications of CBD in your body, users should understand that it is one of the 100 compounds in cannabis plants.

The CBD now commands lots of attention following the state’s federal laws, which led to the legalization. Many companies are currently working on strategies to increase their production. It may be worth worrying because some brands may not adhere to the provisions that qualify a CBD product.

CBD does have varying characteristics with its sister compound, THC, which is psychoactive. When you consume a high THC product, you will experience euphoria, a characteristic ‘high’ feeling that science often associates with hallucination.

Notably, some users find pleasure in the product since it promotes self-happiness. But the other parties are concerned with the mental implications to the subject in the long run.

What is CBD Oil?

It is not new to find queries such as ‘does vaping CBD oil get you high?’ and such queries, which elaborates the need for the correct information about CBD oil. While we are aware that CBD is among the famous compounds in hemp and Cannabis, it is prudent to realize that the extraction processes vary. CO2 extraction is the known method that will produce the best results, and according to federal laws, A cannabis product qualifies to be a CBD product if the THC level is below 0.3%.

CBD oil, in that connection, is oil infused with CBD. Carrier oil such as MCT oil, olive oil, and any other oil can be used as a carrier of CBD to make the CBD oil. Oil is just a carrier, where it goes through an industrial process to make CBD oil. CBD products will have the same effects on the body regardless of the source where you derive.

The Common Misconception About CBD

People are now yielding to the misconceptions about CBD, and the only culprits to blame are the sites that are passionate about peddling lies.

CBD is Illegal

One of the top misconceptions is duping people to think that any CBD business is legit! The truth is the agriculture improvement Bill in 2018 legalized it after being signed into law in December 2018. The clause changed the definition of Marijuana, and now it excludes hemp, which happens to be the leading source of CBD. Hemp is a plant material that has less than 0.3% of THC.

CBD Gets You High and Will Lead to a Failed Drug Test

CBD is non-psychoactive and will not in any way invoke the effects that you would rather experience when you take CBD. You won’t also fail a drug test provided that you are consuming a CBD product from a reputable manufacturer.

CBD Should not be Necessarily Smoked

If you are worried that people will see you smoking and start feeling sorry for your behavior, then certainly you are wrong! You do not have to smoke necessarily. If you like smoking, you can smoke CBD, but there are many other friendly ways to ingest CBD into your body.

CBD is Only for the Sick

While it is true that CBD oil will help you deal with conditions such as stress and depression, it does not have to be a disease necessarily. You can still take it even when you are well. It does not always have to be a condition that you are treating. However, many users of CBD do have conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Glaucoma, and chronic pain.

Can CBD Oil Cause You to Feel High?

So, will CBD oil then cause you to feel high? The answer will depend on the type of product that you are consuming. Ensure that you consume a pure CBD product with THC trace amounts below 0.3%. A product with less than 0.3% THC will not get you high. You should check the information from the Certificate of analysis to be sure that you are consuming the right product that won’t get you high.

CBD oil

What is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

The remarkable difference between THC and CBD is that THC is psychoactive while CBD is not. THC is best for recreational purposes, while CBD is practically used for medicinal purposes. They both impact type 1 receptors in the brain, but the effects are the opposite.

CBD influences the CB1 from reacting with THCC, hence blocking any high from happening. So you can take CBD to gap the euphoric Effects of eh THC.

What Type of CBD Oil Can Get You High?

CBD oil will not get you high unless you are consuming a CBD product that is high in CBD. The product that will cause an increased feeling is the one that contains traces of THC above 0.3%. You may also experience a heightened sense if you consume a CBD oil that uses full-spectrum CBD because you are sure that it contains trace amounts of THC.

For  isolate CBD and the broad spectrum CBD, It may not have any trace amount of THC, and there will be no chances of even experiencing the euphoric impact.

Can CBD Make You Fail a Drug Test?

CBD will only make you fail a drug test if the THC level is above 0.3%. Theoretically, you may fail a drug test if you consume full-spectrum CBD because it contains THC. So, you should drink a product with third-party lab testing results to ensure that you are not taking THC. Many brands will state that they do not have any trace of THC, but it will show up on a drug test.

So, it is correct to say CBD derived from an isolate CBD will not make you fail a drug test, while a Full spectrum CBD will have a trace amount of THC that will show up on a drug test.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, CBD will not get you high. The CBD, in the definition, should not get you high, and if it does, then it is because the brand is not adhering to the regulations that govern the CBD products. It is always advisable to check the report in the Certificate of analysis and check if the company is transparent when disclosing the third-party lab testing results.

Any CBD product that will get you high contains THC in large amounts and does not qualify to fall in the category of a CBD product.

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Does CBD Oil Get You High?

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