CBD Pure Review in 2021: Is This CBD Company Worth Your Attention?

CBD Pure Reviews


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It has increasingly become difficult to make the right choices today, especially when looking for top-quality CBD products. Nevertheless, this does not mean that you should ever have to settle for less. Even when the CBD industry faces the challenge of profit-hungry companies, there are highly respected brands offering exceptional CBD solutions. CBD Pure is one of those companies that have in recent years caused headlines by positioning itself as a value-driven brand. Its winning edge has been the promise to deliver pure CBD oil products from the cleanest ingredients. But is this the entire truth about the company? We save you from having to second-guess this fast-growing company by providing you with exclusive CBD Pure Review in 2021.

CBDPure: The Company Overview

CBDPure is a relatively new company in the CBD industry. It was established in 2016. Despite its few years of operation, it has made significant progress and attracted a loyal market following. As a family-owned company, its scale of operation is relatively small compared to larger corporation-owned companies. Nevertheless, this has not hindered the Washington-based CBD Company from giving the more prominent companies a run for their money.

The primary markets of CBDPure are America, Canada, and the United Kingdom, where they have established an office in Haslemere, England. Since these are currently the biggest CBD markets, the company has developed a robust distribution network to reach its clients. CBDPure has further adopted a unique operational model in its bid to stand out from the crowd. Instead of engaging in many marketing ventures, the company has opted to pay maximum attention to its production processes. As a result, they have managed to develop a fantastic range of value-based products, winning the hearts of thousands of CBD users.

Why Pick CBD Pure?

When there are hundreds of CBD companies and thousands of products in the market, you can never blindly settle on any brand. This is why CBDPure has worked on giving you solid reasons to stick with the brand. If you are thinking about why you should settle for this company before going through the CBD Pure review in 2021, here are its distinguishing factors:

CBD Pure Produces Its Products from Organic Hemp Grown in Colorado.

It is no secret that Colorado has one of the best hemp growing conditions in the United States. The unpolluted soil and weather conditions in this sunny state have been the pillars for propelling the CBD industry. This has further been complemented by the heavy regulations that have been adopted and implemented by the state. As a result, CBDPure not only has access to the best organic hemp varieties, but they are pesticide, fertilizer, GMO, and herbicide-free.

CBD Pure has Its Focus on Product Quality, Efficiency, and Safety Over Marketing.

Unlike most CBD companies, CBDPure prioritizes sourcing the best hemp varieties and producing quality products over marketing. The commitment to place most of its resources on what really matters gives them an edge as their final products have outstanding purity levels. Therefore, while you might not see CBDPure heavily advertised, you can count on it for safe, efficient, and quality CBD products. This is a win-win situation for clients as they get to have high purity products at a bargain price as not much money is spent on marketing gimmicks.

CBD Pure has All Its Products Tested by Independent Third-Party Laboratories.

CBDPure was established with the singular goal of being the go-to company for the most potent and beneficial CBD products. To actualize this vision, the company knew it had to maintain the highest levels of manufacturing standards. As a company that stands behind its products and is confident of its quality, CBDPure has chosen respected laboratories to test its products. These third-party test results are confidently displayed on the company’s website. Clients can also request individual test results based on the batch number of the CBD product bought.

CBD Pure Offers Outstanding Customer Service.

In the world of faceless shopping, many companies have neglected their customer service department. CBDPure is not one of those companies. They have managed to maintain an active team that understands what it takes to guarantee customer satisfaction. You can always count on the team to respond to your inquiries, follow up on any concerns, and be at hand to help with shipping and deliveries.

CBD Products are Affordable

CBDPure is one of the companies that provide its clients with good value for their money. All products by the company are reasonably priced and of guaranteed quality. You can rest assured that every purchase from CBDPure offers you one of the best bargains for costs against effectiveness. The company is also continuously offering fantastic discounts and coupon codes, making their products more affordable.

CBDPure Products Key Highlights

A major feature of CBD Pure review is the general product attributes you can expect from the company. Even though the company has different categories of products, some unique attributes become its defining strength. Typically, the key highlights of CBDPure products are:

Lighter in Color, Mostly Golden Yellow liquid

A standard way of checking for CBD oil’s purity is by looking at the oil’s color. Before being processed, CBD oil is dark with a green tint as it still contains plant material with chlorophyll. However, the more it becomes processed, the lighter it gets in color until it becomes a golden yellow liquid. CBDPure uses CO2 extraction, which is the safest method of obtaining pure CBD oil. In turn, it is not surprising that its products have the highly sought-after golden yellow color that reflects high purity levels.

Great-Tasting Products

CBD oil has an awful taste in its raw form, which is why it needs to be adequately processed and filtered. CBDPure has one of the best filtration systems, and the result is CBD products with a fantastic taste. This makes it easier for them to be consumed without requiring any flavors. Still, the traditional leafy taste of hemp stays without the unwanted tart aftertaste.

Deep Earth Aroma

Pure CBD oil always has an earthly smell that the hemp plant-primarily influences. CBDPure has its product retaining this unique aroma that has always defined this wonder-oil.

CBD Pure Current High-Quality Products Reviews

Hemp Oil

CBDPure Hemp Oil is without question the most popular product by CBDPure. Since its release to the market, it has received fantastic CBD Pure reviews that have earned the brand more clients. This product has been created for sublingual applications, and it comes in the traditional hemp oil tincture form. It comes in a golden yellow color, thanks to the outstanding CO2 extraction that it has undergone. CBDPure avails their Hemp Oil in three different strengths, and these are:

CBDPure Hemp Oil 300

CBDPure Hemp Oil 300

The CBDPure Hemp Oil 300 was created for lighter usage, as well as first-time CBD users. It contains 10mg of CBD Oil in each daily serving and has less than 0.3% THC. This full-spectrum oil is an excellent pick if you are after a dependable CBD product that you can use to boost your wellness and relieve minor issues.

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 600

The CBDPure Hemp Oil 600 has a higher concentration of CBD, and the daily serving delivers 20mg of cannabidiol. It was created for individuals who require a moderate to high dosage of CBD Oil. This makes it a perfect option if you are past the beginner phase or you need better results from using this product. Most CBD Pure reviews on this product are from individuals who wanted pain relief from minor aches and those dealing with mild mood and sleep problems.

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 1000

CBD Pure Hemp Oil 1000

The CBDPure Hemp Oil 1000 is the strongest and most concentrated tincture by CBDPure. It was developed to meet the needs of individuals who need a high dose of CBD. An overview of most CBD Pure reviews by clients who used this product reflects clients who needed a reliable product for chronic pain, anxiety problems, and insomnia.

Does CBDPure Hemp Oil have different flavors? CBDPure considers itself a purist company and strictly provides its hemp oil without any flavors. What is the taste of CBD Pure Hemp Oil? All Hemp Oil products by CBD Pure have a natural hemp taste and earthy aroma.

Have these products been laboratory tested? CBDPure has its Hemp Oil products tested by independent third-party laboratories. The company typically uses Columbia laboratories, and test results are publicly available and accessed through their website.

CBD Softgel Capsules

Not everyone is into tinctures, and CBDPure has factored in this by diversifying its product range. The company’s Softgel capsules are the availed alternative for individuals who want a convenient way to take CBD oil. These capsules are easy to use and have been developed for clients who want a mega-dose at a go. Each capsule contains 25mg of cannabidiol, and there are 30 capsules in each bottle. Do CBD Softgel Capsules have flavors? Similar to the company’s tinctures, these capsules contain pure CBD oil with no flavors.

CBD Softgel Capsules

What is the taste of CBD soft gel capsules? You will get to have a natural hemp taste though the capsules largely make this mild. This is because CBD oil is only released after the capsules have been swallowed, so you never have to worry about its taste.

Do they come with laboratory reports?  Third-party laboratories independently test every batch of CBD soft gel capsules. These reports can be accessed through the company’s website.

Topical CBD Cream

It is impossible to go through CBD Pure reviews from past clients without developing interest in the company’s topical CBD cream. This cream has been described as the next-generation topical CBD cream. It is a unique formulation for muscle and joint pain. It is a non-greasy and fast-acting formula that contains menthol and white willow bark for enhanced effectiveness.

Topical CBD Cream

What makes the CBDPure topical cream unique? This muscle and joint formula offer the desired relief within minutes of being applied to the affected area. It is also highly concentrated, and you only need a pea-sized amount when using it.

CBD Drops for Pets

When it comes to using CBD oil, your pets have not been left behind by CBDPure. The company has developed an exclusive line of CBD Drops for Pets named the CBDPet 100. You will appreciate that the quality that defines all other products by CBDPure is reflected in these drops. The drops come in a bottle containing 100mg of CBD with less than 0.3% of THC.

CBD Drops for Pets

What is the best way to use CBD drops for pets? CBDPure drops for pets are pretty easy to use. All you need to do is add a drop or more to their water, meal, or directly in their mouth. The general rule is to use a single drop for every 10 pounds of weight. If you introduce your pet to CBD, it is highly advisable that you start with a low dosage.

Are there any artificial ingredients included? No, CBDPure does not add any artificial ingredients, flavors, or preservatives to its pet products. As such, these drops are 100% safe for your pets.

CBDPure Products Pros and Cons that Consumer Should Know

It would be reckless for us to take you through CBD Pure review without highlighting the company’s pros and cons. Here is what you can expect if you settle for this brand:


  • USA-made products. CBDPure exclusively used organic hemp grown in Colorado.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil that contains all the beneficial cannabidiols making them more effective once consumed.
  • All products contain low THC levels (less than 0.3%).
  • All products are tested in three different stages. The first time is after harvest, then at the production facility, and finally by an independent third-party laboratory.
  • CBDPure maintains affordable pricing for all products.
  • All purchases are backed with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This means you never have to worry about low-quality products or the risk of losing your money. If you are not satisfied, all you have to do is contact the company and send back the products.
  • Outstanding positive reviews from past clients. The customer is always right, and the fantastic reviews by CBD pure clients show they are a brand worth the market’s attention.


  • Limited variety. One of the disappointments you will have as a client shopping at CBD Pure is the limited range of products available to you. This is the company’s Achilles heel considering that the CBD industry has massively grown. There are numerous options available by other brands. CBDPure only avails tinctures and softgels as its CBD products for human consumption.
  • No flavor options. While this could be a winning point by purists who insist that CBD oil should be consumed without any flavors, it is dissatisfying to others. There are CBD consumers who love their products flavored since they dislike the taste of hemp. But, CBDPure has taken steps to ensure that their products lack the irritating tart taste despite the lack of flavoring.

CBDPure Products for Sale: The Best Way to Buy

Are you looking to buy CBDPure products? Well, you never have to worry anymore as we have the perfect solution for you.

CBDPure currently only offers its products through its official website that doubles up as an online store. All orders are only to be made online by clients who live within the United States as the company ships to all 50 states. The only international orders accepted are clients residing in the United Kingdom and Canada, where CBD is legal.

Note: CBDPure does not ship its products to any other country and will not be responsible for client losses.

For every order made, clients will have two shipping options:

USPS – First Class International

USPS – Priority Mail International

Generally, all orders made on the website will be processed within a day or two (delays will be communicated) and shipped using either method. The difference between these two shipping methods is the cost and speed. Still, you must remember that the shipment period depends on where you live and how far it is from CBD Pure offices.

The Bottom Line

As the CBD industry continues to grow by the day, CBD Pure has proven to be a company that cannot be wished away. Everything about the company makes it captivating, and any CBD oil lover cannot overlook it. The commitment to producing the highest grade of CBD products is its greatest strength. This comes when many companies have chosen to invest in marketing so that they grow their sales overnight.

CBDPure is proof that even in a cut-throat industry, it is possible to influence the market without resorting to unnecessary gimmicks. Instead, the company has set out to win by investing in its production process and delivering the purest CBD products. A side-by-side comparison of the full-spectrum CBD oil by CBDPure against other brands shows a stark difference. The potency levels, taste, and efficiency of CBDPure hemp oil are outstanding. In the end, if you are looking for high-quality CBD products that do not contain any additives or flavors, then CBDPure is an option you can never go wrong with.

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