CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil: Understanding the Difference

CBD oil


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While the medical cannabis market is growing massively, it’s elementary to confuse related products. Because of the confusion, consumers end up buying products they don’t need. Hemp oil and CBD oil are among the most popular products. The fact that they come from the same plant makes it even more confusing. So, what’s the difference between CBD Oil vs Hemp Oil? Read on to understand the difference.


CBD is a component of the cannabis plant. It’s popular among consumers thanks to its many properties, including anti-inflammatory benefits. CBD oil’s use range from topical creams to edibles to vape oils. CBD oil products may solely contain CBD or other cannabinoids.

Hemp Oil

Hemp oil is an extract that comes from hemp seed. It’s rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and omega-6 fatty acids. It’s mainly used to create skincare products. Because of its dense nutrition content, manufacturers also use it to make supplements.

Are CBD Oil and Hemp Oil The Same?

CBD oil and hemp oil are not the same products. Although their mode of use might be the same, these products have significant differences. This ranges from the source extraction, production method, benefits, and even price!

CBD Oil and Hemp Oil: What’s The Difference?

The quickest way to tell the difference between CBD oil and hemp oil is by checking ingredients. For hemp oil, the package should clearly highlight this. Apart from hemp oil, the label can have hemp seed oil or cannabis seed oil. In some instances, it can be cannabis Sativa seed oil.  If you are looking for pure CBD oil products, the label should have CBD or cannabidiol.


Although CBD oil and hemp oil have the same source, i.e., the hemp plant, the extracts come from different parts. Note that hemp oil is also known as hemp seed oil. This means that its extraction is from the seeds of the hemp plant.

Meanwhile, CBD oil comes from the whole hemp plant. In some instances, it may be from cannabidiol-rich cannabis strains. The fact that it comes from the whole plant means that the manufacturer must entirely use it. CBD oil is normally mixed with a carrier oil such as olive oil or MCT oil for ease of use.

Production Method

The method of production is another factor that sets CBD oil apart vs. hemp oil. A common production technique for hemp oil is the cold press extraction method. This involves pressing the hemp seeds until they produce a clear light-green color. The oil extract usually has a nutty flavor.

Although there are several great methods of extracting CBD oil, supercritical CO2 extraction is the best method. Alternatively, you can use the traditional solvent-based extraction that’s cheaper. While hemp oil is dark and green, CBD oil has a light golden color that can also be dark brown.

CBD Content

Looking at the comparison between CBD oil vs. hemp seed oil, it’s clear that they both contain CBD. The whole hemp plant is naturally an excellent source of CBD. This means that CBD oil has a high concentration of CBD. In addition to that, it may have other naturally–occurring organic compounds, including terpenes and phytocannabinoids.

On the other hand, hemp seed is an inferior source of CBD. It has shallow CBD content. In some instances, hemp seed oils found in the market are not even valid CBD products. So, make sure that you read the product label. It’s also important to look for 3rd-party lab tests.


Both CBD and Hemp oil are normally infused in various products. This means that you can use them in several forms. Note that the delivery mechanism is vital in providing different types of effects. This is usually in terms of quality and duration. Common uses of CBD oil and hemp seed oil are:

  • Oral consumption involves ingesting edibles such as gummies and baked goods.
  • Sublingual intake via tinctures and sprays
  • Topical products such as creams, balms, and lotions. Topical CBD hemp oil products are for external use.
  • Vaping, i.e., a technique that involves inhaling the CBD oil or vape oil vapor.

The Benefits of CBD Oil Vs Hemp OilCBD Oil Vs Hemp Oil

CBD oil and hemp oil benefits are numerous. You can effectively use them to manage various medical conditions. Hemp oil is used in food products because of its nutritional benefits. It’s rich in mineral content and healthy fats. On the other hand, CBD oil has a broad range of physical and mental benefits. Below are both hemp oil and CBD oil benefits.

Hemp Seed Oil Helps to Improve Nutrition

Hemp seeds contain high amounts of essential fatty acids. These include omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. So, it’s an excellent source of protein that enhances the development of lean muscles. Besides that, they have vitamins and minerals that help to strengthen bones.

They Both Help to Reduce Inflammation

Hemp oil contains gamma-linoleic acid, which helps to increase menopausal inflammation. Besides that, studies indicate that it can relieve PMS symptoms. Overall, it helps to reduce the effect of prolactin hormone in the body, which causes inflammation. On the other hand, CBD oil has anti-inflammatory properties that also help to treat inflammation.

Hemp and CBD Oil Can Treat Skin Disorders

Both hemp and CBD oil can help to treat various skin disorders. These products are rich in antioxidants that help eradicate free radicals. As a result, they can help to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. On the other hand, the omega-3 and 6 fatty acids found in hemp oil nourish the skin. So for those suffering from eczema, acne, or psoriasis, these oils can be great remedies.

Note: You need to understand hemp oil and CBD oil side effects before using either product. But the fact that they contain organic ingredients means that they are generally safe.


You can buy CBD oil online as well as hemp oil. However, some manufacturers usually market both of them as the same product. But why would a brand market hemp seed oil as CBD hemp oil? Well, it’s because consumers usually pay higher prices for CBD oil. Generally, CBD oil is a pretty expensive product than hemp seed oil.

Where to Buy

Well, where can I get CBD oil or hemp oil? There are several places where you can buy these products. The cannabis market is one of the fastest-growing. So, it’s not difficult to find these products. However, the lack of strict regulations means that you can end up buying low-quality products. To buy CBD oil or hemp oil, take orders from the manufacturer’s official website.

Final Thoughts

Looking at the difference between CBD oil vs. Hemp oil, it’s clear that these two products have their own different roles. From their sourcing to use, you can use them to improve your overall wellness. Because these two products can be from the same hemp plant, it can be easy to mix them. So, make sure that you read the label if you want to buy either product.

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