CBD Edibles Guide for Beginners: Everything You Need to Know

CBD edibles guide


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CBD products are not just the latest craze when it comes to using alternative medicine. The use of CBD started centuries ago. The chemical compound can help users to manage different ailments with minimal chances of side effects. CBD itself is highly versatile. You can incorporate it in almost anything and conveniently add it to your wellness regimen. Edibles are the most popular form of CBD products. They provide a convenient, delicious, and discreet way of using cannabidiol. Below is an ultimate CBD edibles guide, highlighting everything you need to know.

What Are CBD Edibles?

CBD edibles are CBD-infused products made for chewing or swallowing. These products normally contain CBD and other edible ingredients. In addition to that, they may have natural flavoring to enhance the taste.

Advantages of CBD Edibles over the Other CBD Products

Taking edibles has many advantages over other CBD products. Below is a CBD edibles guide to why people opt to buy them as their go-to products:

Edibles are Tastier

Most of these products come with natural flavoring. Note that the original raw taste of the hemp plant is quite annoying and tends to linger in the mouth. Edibles provide a tastier way of taking CBD as they come in multiple flavors.

Convenience and Discreetness

You can take these types of CBD products whenever you can. In addition to that, their form offers discreetness. This is because they come in the form of chews, cookies, mint, and other things. If you are looking for a convenient way to add CBD products to your regimen, this is the best alternative.


CBD edibles don’t have the intoxicating THC content. So, they can’t result in euphoric effects. Additionally, these products are legal under federal law as long as they come from industrial hemp.


Generally, edibles have lower potency than other CBD products. This makes them beginner-friendly because new users have to start by taking a small amount of CBD. The fact they are sweet also makes them approachable by first-timers.

CBD Edibles Guide: How Do They Work

CBD edibles work in the same way as tinctures. The delivery of the actual supplement to the body is just the same, i.e., through digestion. So, regardless of the edible product you choose, it must undergo digestion and pass through the liver.

You can take CBD gummies, mix them with juice, or even use CBD oil with your favorite food recipe. Note that as you digest the edible, some of the CBD compounds will end up getting lost. This is because of the absorption process that happens in the gut wall and liver. But a good amount will find its way into the bloodstream and start to work.

Available Types of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles come in different types. The medical cannabis market is rapidly growing. Therefore, brands are creatively coming up with new products that will set them apart. Some of the few most common types of edibles CBD products include:

CBD Gummies and Chews

These edibles are similar to the usual gummies found on the market. What sets them apart is that they contain cannabidiol as the main active ingredient. CD gummies and chews come in various fruity flavors, including strawberry, orange, and apple, etc. It’s worth noting that some of them also have natural ingredients and superfoods such as turmeric and spirulina.

Beverage Enhancers / Drops

It’s possible to find an edible in the form of a liquid or a powder product. In that case, such a product needs to be used with beverages such as organic juices, smoothies, tea, and water, among others. Beverage drops and enhancers come in different potency options and flavors.

CBD Softgels

These edibles appear just like vitamin soft gel capsules. They have the same characteristics, with the only difference being the CBD content. CBD soft gels have CBD as their main active ingredient instead of supplements.

CBD Bars

They are CBD products made with mint, coconut, chocolate, or other types of snack flavors. These products come in the form of bars. They provide a convenient and tasty way to consume CBD products.

CBD Edibles Guide: What Are The Benefits?

The benefits of CBD edibles lie in the fact that they help manage a wide range of conditions. It should be noted that CBD doesn’t promise to cure diseases. It only makes the management of the symptoms better.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the CBD can help to significantly reduce these symptoms. Therefore, it reduces discomfort and supports the general wellness of the user. Some of their well-known benefits include:

Multiple Forms

This is a great advantage, based that consumer preferences are quite diverse. There is a wealth of products on the market. Besides that, you can still make your favorites from home using different recipes. CBD edibles can be found in drinks, snacks, or food varieties, including gummies, cookies, and candies, among others.

Perfect For Relieving Various Health Issues

Research shows that CBD can help treat both physical and mental health problems. In fact, epidiolex is a CBD-based that’s approved by the FDA for treating certain forms of childhood epilepsy. Besides that, the products can be effective remedies for treating:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain and inflammation
  • Cancer and certain types of tumors
  • Regulation of blood cholesterol levels, among others

Alleviate Sleep Disorders

There are over 50 million people in the US who suffer from sleep disorders. While there are those issues that normally resolve themselves, others are long-term. They end up seriously affecting an individual’s health and productivity.

Research studies show that CBD products such as edibles can be beneficial. The compound can help to relieve symptoms of sleep disorders in adults. CBD can effectively calm the mind and relax the physical body. This creates the perfect environment for better quality and quantity of sleep.

Minimal Side Effects 

The popularity of CBD is based on the fact that its side effects are minimal. That’s why edibles are quickly taking over the medical cannabis industry. The products offer maximum health benefits with as few side effects as possible.

It’s the best alternative to pharmaceutical drugs that are expensive and addictive. CBD edibles are not addictive since they don’t have THC. It should be noted that there are no instances of lethal CBD overdose that have been ever reported.

How Can You Use CBD Edibles

A serving of CBD edibles provides you with an easier way of getting cannabinoids into the endocannabinoid system. CBD gummies are the most common form of edibles. People use them by popping them in the mouth, chewing, and then swallowing.

The only thing that you need to know is how many of them do you need. It’s easier to use CBD-infused gummies because they come in pre-measured doses. This way, you will always get a consistent serving of CBD.

For instance, if you need to consume 50 mg per day, you can easily calculate the amount you need. If the edibles come in concentrations of, say, 10 mg, then you need to take 5 gummies in total. You can take 2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon, and 2 in the evening.

How Many Can You Eat

There is no universal guideline on the number of edibles you should eat. Factors such as the severity of your medical condition, age, weight, and sex, among others, influence dosage. But the general guideline requires you to always start on the low end.

This means that taking less than 25 mg per day is a food starting point. Most CBD edible products found on the market usually contain a potency range of 5 mg to 30 mg. So, you can start with 5 or 10 mg and then gradually increase the amount in the coming weeks.

How Long Do They Take to Effect

Do you want to know how long the effects of CBD gummies or cookies take to kickstart? Before the organic chemical compound reaches the bloodstream, it has to pass through the digestive tract and the liver. This means that it can take several hours before you can begin to feel the effects of CBD-infused edibles.

Typically, it takes between 30 minutes to an hour before the onset of its effect kicks in. But there are a lot of factors that can affect this time. Some of them include:

  • Active ingredients: the number of active ingredients in the product may significantly lower the effectiveness of CBD. The fewer the ingredients, the shorter the onset time.
  • Type of edibles: CBD lollipops and lozenges usually have a faster onset time. This is because they are absorbed sublingually, unlike CBD-infused gummies. Note that these products are usually ingested but never really swallowed. On the other hand, chewable edibles such as CBD gummies and cookies have longer onset times. This is because they have to pass through the liver. In addition to that, the absorption of the CBD chemical compound occurs in the digestive tract. All these activities take quite some time.

Are There Any Side Effects?

While edibles provide a tasty and convenient way to gain the effects of cannabidiol, they don’t come minus risks. Using them can result in allergic reactions, or they can even interact with certain drugs. Possible side effects of CBD edibles include:

Note: In case the side effects are severe, discontinue use and seek immediate medical intervention.

Will CBD Edibles Make You High

CBD edibles that contain extracts from hemp plants won’t make you high. This is because such products contain only trace amounts of THC. With less than 0.3% THC content, these products can’t make you high.

THC is a psychoactive chemical compound that alters the mind. It’s common in entertainment scenes due to the “high” feeling it tends to produce. So, for those who want to use CBD for medical purposes without the worry of euphoric effects, then CBD edibles are the best fit.

Are They Legal?

The legality of CBD edibles and other CBD products can be a confusing matter. Even after the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill that saw the legalization of hemp, the legality of hemp-derived CBD products still remains in question.

Federally, CBD is legal. However, each state has its own laws, and this means that the legal status of cannabidiol has remained in limbo. It should be noted that CBD in food edibles and drinks is still illegal at the federal level.

CBD Edibles Guide: Where to Buy

You can get an edible product from a CBD shop. However, the CBD market isn’t under any specific regulation. This means that finding the best CBD products of high quality can be quite challenging. To ensure that you get the value for your money, always buy CBD edibles directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Final Thoughts

To sum up the above CBD edibles guide, it can be said that edibles provide users with a fun, discreet, and convenient way of using cannabidiol. These are delicious dietary supplement products that come in different flavors and concentrations. CBD edibles help users to manage several health conditions by providing lasting effects. But it’s always appropriate to exercise caution. This is because edible CBD products can result in unwanted side effects.

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