Brand Reviews

In a bid to keep you updated with everything in the CBD industry, also reviews different CBD brands. Quality is very vital, especially in an unregulated industry like this one.

We created this segment with the aim to educate our readers about the different CBD brands out there and the ones that have continued to pop out. The CBD industry is currently out of order for the simple reason that there exists no standard with which brands are expected to carry out operations. This is the reason why there are so many CBD brands today. The FDA is responsible for whipping any brand that has not met the required standards. However, it cannot do so since CBD and cannabis products have not been approved for use yet. We hope that we get there soon, and by the look of things, it will happen.

With the current confusion in the CBD industry, some brands have stepped out and made products that are not of the required quality. These brands continue making false claims about their CBD products. For instance, you will hear them claiming that their products cure cancer and other sensitive symptoms. Understanding that innocent buyers could easily get into the trap of buying low-quality products from these brands, has taken up that responsibility. We review different brands to scrutinize whether they have what it takes to help their users.

There are key things that CBD users should look for in a brand. For instance, any reputable brand will subject its CBD products to an independent third-party lab. Here, the products will be tested for purity and potency. After that, the companies will be willing to disclose their certificate of analysis upon request. Better still, they will post the results from third-party labs on their sites. These are some of the tips that this segment gives our readers so that they can always be on the lookout.

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