Best CBD Capsules: An Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Best CBD Capsules


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Cannabidiol or CBD is an organic compound that’s found in the hemp plant. It’s has a wide range of health properties. Besides that, it exists in many forms, including capsules. CBD capsules appeal to those who want to avoid the annoying taste of raw hemp. This article review highlights some of the best CBD capsules in the market and their highlights.

What Are CBD Capsules?

The capsule is just CBD oil in pill form. The capsules contain concentrated and accurate doses of hemp cannabidiol. They are for oral intake, and you can conveniently add them to your wellness regimen. CBD capsules are small and convenient to take. Hence you use them while you are on the go.

What Are CBD Capsules Good For?

CBD capsules interact with the endocannabinoid system to generate various effects in the body. Above all, the endocannabinoid system is responsible for regulating homeostasis. So, it helps to manage numerous important processes. In short, this includes bodily functions that relate to pain sensations, mood, stress, and sleep, among others. If you want to know what these capsules are good for, here are some of their functions:

Relieving Pain

CBD has painkiller properties. So, if you are suffering from chronic pain or injuries, taking capsules can provide you with some form of relief. This happens because CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid receptors that aid in reducing inflammation. Taking capsules makes it possible to manage joint pain, muscle aches, and arthritis, among others.

Managing Insomnia

Continuous sleeplessness can interfere with your general productivity. In addition to that, its long-term effect can be a weak immune system. CBD can help with sleep, especially if you find capsules with melatonin. They relax both the mind and body, leading to better quality and quantity of sleep.

Better Management of Cancer

It’s not easy to battle cancer, even with the availability of treatment options such as chemotherapy and radiation. In fact, some of these treatment techniques cause the body to become weaker. CBD has anti-emetic effects that significantly reduce the effects of chemotherapy treatment.

In addition to that, it has anti-tumor properties. So, it can be effective in slowing down the spread of tumors in the body. These properties make it possible for the capsules to improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

Supporting Mental Health

The anti-anxiety and anti-depressant properties of CBD make them effective in supporting mental health. If you are suffering from anxiety or depression, these capsules can help to reduce these symptoms and regulate your mood.

How to Choose the Best CBD Capsules

There is an increasing demand for CBD capsules due to their high popularity. There are also new brands entering this highly competitive sector. With all these characteristics, how do you choose the best CBD capsules?

  • Check the source: ensure that the source of hemp is organic and domestically cultivated.
  • The manufacturing process: supercritical C02 extraction method is the best for making CBD products. It’s safe, pure, and effective in eliminating the chances of degradation and contamination.
  • 3rd-party lab reports: since this market is under no regulation, the manufacturer needs to readily provide the public with independent 3rd-party lab tests. This helps to verify the purity and the contents of ingredients used to make the CBD.
  • Customer reviews: they can help to highlight the effectiveness of a product. Good star ratings definitely indicate that the CBD gummies are great.

Note: These are some of the features that you can use to choose the best CBD capsules. They provide an easier and efficient way of you to conduct your own due diligence to find a product that suits your needs.

Best CBD Capsules Brands

There are hundreds of companies that sell CBD capsules. This can make it quite challenging to find the best CBD capsules. However, some have managed to stand out. Below is a review of the five options that are hands down the best.


Purekana CBD Capsule

There is no doubt that PureKana is a top brand with the best CBD capsules. Firstly, the 25 mg capsules come in bottles with 30 counts. Secondly, the authentic products are vegan-friendly, thanks to their fully organic profiles. According to the manufacturer, the capsules contain less than 0.3% THC. As a result, they don’t have psychoactive effects.

This brand’s top ranking is based on the fact that there a lot of emphasis on product transparency. Every product label has well-outlined details. Besides that, you can find the 3rd-party lab test reports from its official website.


  • A 3rd-party independent lab does rigorous testing
  • Each capsule contains 25 mg CBD
  • Pure, effective, and safe
  • Non-GMO and solvent-free products


CBDistellery CBD Softgels

Do you want a CBD product that offers value for money? Well, then you should try these full-spectrum CBD oil capsules. CBDistillery offers an extensive CBD collection. Apart from the full-spectrum option, you can also find CBD isolate formulas.

The hemp supplement works with the endocannabinoid system to promote general wellness. If you go for these capsules, you can find a 30-count bottle with 30 mg soft gels. Additionally, there is a 30-count bottle with 25 mg capsules and a 60-count bottle with 30 mg soft gels.


  • There are two types of CBD capsules formulation: full-spectrum and isolate
  • Multiple dosages of CBD capsules, i.e., 25 mg and 30 mg
  • Vegan-friendly capsules with coconut oil
  • Provides users with the sole benefits of CBD oil or the entourage effect.



There is something unique about these capsules. They are a favorite among consumers, and reviews show that they are effective and affordable. As a result, Medterra CBD capsules are among the most sought-after CBD products in the market.

They are made with a high level of transparency and purity. Firstly, the raw hemp extract usually comes from industrial-grown hemp in Kentucky. Secondly, the manufacturer uses a premium extraction process to make the capsules. Lastly, every product batch is subject to third-party testing.

Medterra has a specific audience, i.e., those who want to use CBD isolate products only. The capsules contain up to 99% of CBD oil. Hence they normally offer users only the sole benefits of cannabidiol. This is one of the brands that offer versatility in the potency of the capsules. You can now find the gel capsules in two levels of concentration.


  • THC-free CBD isolate
  • Each product batch is subject to 3rd-party lab tests
  • Simple CBD formulation with natural ingredients
  • The gel capsules are found in concentrations of 25 mg and 50 mg
  • Each bottle comes with 30 capsules


CBDFX Softgel Capsule

This CBD store has the best pure CBD capsules in the market. CBDfx products are made with quality CBD extract. They are safe and effective for human consumption because they lack artificial sweeteners, dye, and other additives.

The CBD oil product usually comes in a 750 mg package. Each bottle normally contains 30 counts of capsules; hence each capsule has 25 mg CBD. The full-spectrum capsules also contain MCT oil and gelatin. This helps to supply the body with nutrients and promote the digestibility of the CBD compound.


  • Full-spectrum CBD hemp oil capsules that produce the entourage effect.
  • MCT-rich CBD products with long-lasting effects on the body
  • 30 capsules with 25 mg CBD/capsule

Green Roads


Since one of the reputable brands, Green Roads has the best CBD capsules for wellness. The organic hemp pills have been tried and tested; hence they are highly effective. You can use the capsules to maintain mild everyday conditions as well as serious discomfort.

Green Roads CBD capsules come in a 750 mg bottle. Each CBD product normally contains 25 mg CBD. This is a high concentration level that makes it possible for the products to treat chronic health issues. To ensure that the CBD compound reaches the bloodstream efficiently, the manufacturer normally uses glycerol as the base.


  • The capsules come in one-bottle size, potency, and formula.
  • The 750 mg bottle contains 30 capsules with 25 mg CBD/capsule
  • A broad-spectrum CBD oil product with zero THC content
  • Each product batch normally undergoes independent 3rd-party lab tests

Are These Capsules Safe?

Capsules, just like other CBD products, are generally safe. But we understand that we respond differently to similar products. That’s why some people react to CBD while others don’t. Potential downsides of using capsules include:

Dry Mouth

Most cannabis products cause dry mouth or cottonmouth effect. It occurs due to the cannabinoid’s interaction with the endocannabinoid system found in the salivary glands. The effect may involve temporarily inhibiting the production of saliva, leading to a dry mouth. To reduce this side effect, drink plenty of water before, during, and after using the capsules.

Lightheadedness and Dizziness

This mainly happens as a result of the decrease in blood pressure. Taking high concentrations of capsules can temporarily cause a drop in blood pressure, leading to a feeling of lightheadedness. But the mild effect usually wears off quickly as the amount of CBD in the body begins to reduce.

Change in Appetite and Diarrhea

CBD capsules can make the user feel hungrier or lose appetite. This is not something unusual. In addition to that, its interaction with the digestive system can result in diarrhea. To avoid this side effect, always start by taking capsules in smaller doses.

How Many CBD Capsules to Take?

There are several things that influence the dosage of CBD capsules. For example, the potency, the severity of the medical condition, and the effect you want to attain all matter. While there are no universal recommendations on how to take capsules, here is how you can go about it:

Weight Advised CBD Dosage for Mild Effects Recommended CBD Dosage for Moderate Effects Suggested CBD Dosage for Stronger Effects

Less than 130 pounds


11 mg


12-14 mg


15-17 mg


130-230 pounds


18 mg


19-23 mg


24-27 mg


More than 230 pounds


23 mg


24-30 mg


29-45 mg

How to Take CBD Capsules

Taking CBD capsules is simple and straightforward. Get a glass of water, then pop your capsule, and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can take the capsules with your favorite beverage, as long as it’s safe for consumption. Meanwhile, You can take one or two capsules per day.

How Long Do They Take To Work?

The onset of CBD capsules’ takes longer, just like when you use CBD edibles. Generally, it takes around 90 minutes. But the time can go up to two hours depending on how your digestive system will process the contents on the tract. The long onset time to work is because CBD has to pass through the digestive tract and liver before reaching the bloodstream.

Where to Buy the Best CBD Capsules

You can find these capsules in a CBD store. There are many retail outlets that stock such products. But due to the lack of proper regulations, you can easily fall victim to fraud. So, the best place to buy CBD capsules is directly from the manufacturer’s website. Moreover, this is the only place where you can get legitimate and quality CBD capsules.

Final Thoughts

The CBD market is diverse and ever-changing. So, finding the best capsules that suit your needs can be quite challenging. But after comprehensive product analysis and customer reviews, these are some of the best capsules that you can buy at the moment. They are cost-effective, pure, and generally safe for human consumption. Nonetheless, if you have doubts, always seek the opinion of your doctor first.

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